----- CAREER -----
Started my professional acting career on September 3rd, 2014. Since then I've worked on over 150 projects; some including a recurring role on Power, co-star on Orange is the New Black, guest-star on Deadly Devotion, and principal t-mobile commercial w/ DJ Khaled!

----- TYPECAST -----
Russian Mafia, Arms/drug-Trafficker, Right Hand Man, Hacker, Juvenile delinquent, Ex-military, Good guy willing to inflict harm. Frequently play members of organized crime and rebellious youth. Audition for military, spies, and troubled youth.

----- EARLY LIFE -----
Known as Misha, I was every parent’s worst nightmare: an out-of-control teenager. I was kicked out of every school, got into fights, accumulated over 40 arrests, in n' out of jail/juvie, lots of drinking-smoking-house parties, and living the fast life. I was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode... and it all went off on May 23rd, 2013. Somehow I managed to t-bone a bus in the middle of Manhattan. Sustained some traumatic injuries, but most importantly, it knocked some sense into me. After being released from the hospital, I decided I wasn’t gonna be some chump and had unfinished business waiting for me. It was time to bring the 'street acting' over to the world of screen acting. I knew this wasn’t gonna happen overnight, had to build back my strength, and train up my act craft. So a year went by…